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5.5.2. KRB_AP_REP definition

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5.5.2. KRB_AP_REP definition

5.5.2. KRB_AP_REP definition

The KRB_AP_REP message contains the Kerberos protocol version number, the message type, and an encrypted timestamp. The message is sent in in response to an application request (KRB_AP_REQ) where the mutual authentication option has been selected in the ap-options field.

   AP-REP ::=         [APPLICATION 15] SEQUENCE {
              pvno[0]                   INTEGER,
              msg-type[1]               INTEGER,
              enc-part[2]               EncryptedData

   EncAPRepPart ::=   [APPLICATION 27]     SEQUENCE {
              ctime[0]                  KerberosTime,
              cusec[1]                  INTEGER,
              subkey[2]                 EncryptionKey OPTIONAL,
              seq-number[3]             INTEGER OPTIONAL

NOTE: in EncAPRepPart, the application code in the encrypted part of a message provides an additional check that the message was decrypted properly.

The encoded EncAPRepPart is encrypted in the shared session key of the ticket. The optional subkey field can be used in an application-arranged negotiation to choose a per association session key.

pvno and msg-type

These fields are described above in section 5.4.1. msg-type is KRB_AP_REP.


This field is described above in section 5.4.2.


This field contains the current time on the client's host.


This field contains the microsecond part of the client's timestamp.


This field contains an encryption key which is to be used to protect this specific application session. See section 3.2.6 for specifics on how this field is used to negotiate a key. Unless an application specifies otherwise, if this field is left out, the sub-session key from the authenticator, or if also left out, the session key from the ticket will be used.

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5.5.2. KRB_AP_REP definition