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5.8.1. KRB_CRED definition

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5.8.1. KRB_CRED definition

5.8.1. KRB_CRED definition

The KRB_CRED message contains a sequence of tickets to be sent and information needed to use the tickets, including the session key from each. The information needed to use the tickets is encryped under an encryption key previously exchanged. The message fields are:

   KRB-CRED         ::= [APPLICATION 22]   SEQUENCE {
                    pvno[0]                INTEGER,
                    msg-type[1]            INTEGER, -- KRB_CRED
                    tickets[2]             SEQUENCE OF Ticket,
                    enc-part[3]            EncryptedData

   EncKrbCredPart   ::= [APPLICATION 29]   SEQUENCE {
                    ticket-info[0]         SEQUENCE OF KrbCredInfo,
                    nonce[1]               INTEGER OPTIONAL,
                    timestamp[2]           KerberosTime OPTIONAL,
                    usec[3]                INTEGER OPTIONAL,
                    s-address[4]           HostAddress OPTIONAL,
                    r-address[5]           HostAddress OPTIONAL

   KrbCredInfo      ::=                    SEQUENCE {
                    key[0]                 EncryptionKey,
                    prealm[1]              Realm OPTIONAL,
                    pname[2]               PrincipalName OPTIONAL,
                    flags[3]               TicketFlags OPTIONAL,
                    authtime[4]            KerberosTime OPTIONAL,
                    starttime[5]           KerberosTime OPTIONAL,
                    endtime[6]             KerberosTime OPTIONAL
                    renew-till[7]          KerberosTime OPTIONAL,
                    srealm[8]              Realm OPTIONAL,
                    sname[9]               PrincipalName OPTIONAL,
                    caddr[10]              HostAddresses OPTIONAL

pvno and msg-type

These fields are described above in section 5.4.1. msg-type is KRB_CRED.


These are the tickets obtained from the KDC specifically for use by the intended recipient. Successive tickets are paired with the corresponding KrbCredInfo sequence from the enc-part of the KRB-CRED message.


This field holds an encoding of the EncKrbCredPart sequence encrypted under the session key shared between the sender and the intended recipient. This encrypted encoding is used for the enc-part field of the KRB-CRED message. See section 6 for the format of the ciphertext.


If practical, an application may require the inclusion of a nonce generated by the recipient of the message. If the same value is included as the nonce in the message, it provides evidence that the message is fresh and has not been replayed by an attacker. A nonce must never be re- used; it should be generated randomly by the recipient of the message and provided to the sender of the mes sage in an application specific manner.

timestamp and usec

These fields specify the time that the KRB-CRED message was generated. The time is used to provide assurance that the message is fresh.

s-address and r-address

These fields are described above in section 5.6.1. They are used optionally to provide additional assurance of the integrity of the KRB-CRED message.


This field exists in the corresponding ticket passed by the KRB-CRED message and is used to pass the session key from the sender to the intended recipient. The field's encoding is described in section 6.2.

The following fields are optional. If present, they can be associated with the credentials in the remote ticket file. If left out, then it is assumed that the recipient of the credentials already knows their value.

prealm and pname

The name and realm of the delegated principal identity.

flags, authtime, starttime, endtime, renew-till, srealm, sname, and caddr

These fields contain the values of the corresponding fields from the ticket found in the ticket field. Descriptions of the fields are identical to the descriptions in the KDC-REP message.

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5.8.1. KRB_CRED definition