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The RFC "A Format for E-Mailing Bibliographic Records" [RFC1357]
establishs a "publisher-ID" code.  The IANA registry of these codes is
listed here.

Code     Publisher                                             Reference
------   ----------------------------------------------------- ---------
DUMMY    for testing only                                       [RFC1357]
TEST     for testing only                                       [RFC1357]
ISI        Information Sciences Institute                        [Postel]
            of the University of Southern California
UMCS        University of Manchester Computer Science Dept      [Clement]
UWARWICK University of Warwick                                      [Joy]


[RFC1357] Cohen, D., Editor, "A Format for E-mailing Bibliographic
          Records", RFC 1357, USC/Information Sciences Institute,
          July 1992.


[Clement] Tim Clement, <>, January 1994.

[Joy] M. S. Joy, <>, January 1995.

[Postel] Jon Postel, <>, July 1992.


Connected: An Internet Encyclopedia
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