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Media Types

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Media Types

Media Types


[RFC1521] specifies that Content Types, Content Subtypes, Character
Sets, Access Types, and Conversion values for MIME mail will be
assigned and listed by the IANA.

Content Types and Subtypes

Type            Subtype         Description                 Reference
----            -------         -----------                 ---------
text            plain                            [RFC1521,Borenstein]
                richtext                         [RFC1521,Borenstein]
                enriched                                    [RFC1563]
                tab-separated-values                   [Paul Lindner]
                sgml                                        [RFC1874]

multipart       mixed                            [RFC1521,Borenstein]
                alternative                      [RFC1521,Borenstein]
                digest                           [RFC1521,Borenstein]
                parallel                         [RFC1521,Borenstein]
                appledouble                [MacMime,Patrik Faltstrom]
                header-set                             [Dave Crocker]
                form-data                                   [RFC1867]
		related					    [RFC1872]
                report                                      [RFC1892]

message         rfc822                           [RFC1521,Borenstein]
                partial                          [RFC1521,Borenstein]
                external-body                    [RFC1521,Borenstein]
                news                        [RFC 1036, Henry Spencer]

application     octet-stream                     [RFC1521,Borenstein]
                postscript                       [RFC1521,Borenstein]
                oda                              [RFC1521,Borenstein]
                atomicmail                    [atomicmail,Borenstein]
                andrew-inset                [andrew-inset,Borenstein]
                slate                           [slate,terry crowley]
                wita              [Wang Info Transfer,Larry Campbell]
                dec-dx            [Digital Doc Trans, Larry Campbell]
                dca-rft        [IBM Doc Content Arch, Larry Campbell]
                activemessage                          [Ehud Shapiro]
                rtf                                    [Paul Lindner]
                applefile                  [MacMime,Patrik Faltstrom]
                mac-binhex40               [MacMime,Patrik Faltstrom]
                news-message-id              [RFC1036, Henry Spencer]
                news-transmission            [RFC1036, Henry Spencer]
                wordperfect5.1                         [Paul Lindner]
                pdf                                    [Paul Lindner]
                zip                                    [Paul Lindner]
                macwriteii                             [Paul Lindner]
                msword                                 [Paul Lindner]
                remote-printing                        [RFC1486,Rose]
                mathematica                             [Van Nostern]
                cybercash                                  [Eastlake]
                commonground                                 [Glazer]
                iges                                          [Parks]
                riscos                                        [Smith]
                eshop                                          [Katz]
                x400-bp                                     [RFC1494]
                sgml                                        [RFC1874]

image           jpeg                             [RFC1521,Borenstein]
                gif                              [RFC1521,Borenstein]
                ief             Image Exchange Format       [RFC1314]
                g3fax                                       [RFC1494]
                tiff            Tag Image File Format          [Rose]
		cgm		Computer Graphics Metafile  [Francis]
		naplps                                       [Ferber]

audio           basic                            [RFC1521,Borenstein]

video           mpeg                             [RFC1521,Borenstein]
                quicktime                              [Paul Lindner]

The "media-types" directory contains a subdirectory for each content
type and each of those directories contains a file for each content


   URL =

Character Sets

All of the character sets listed the section on Character Sets are
registered for use with MIME as MIME Character Sets.  The
correspondance between the few character sets listed in the MIME
specification [RFC1521] and the list in that section are:

Type           Description				    Reference
----           -----------                                  ---------
US-ASCII       see ANSI_X3.4-1968 below          [RFC1521,Borenstein]
ISO-8859-1     see ISO_8859-1:1987 below         [RFC1521,Borenstein]
ISO-8859-2     see ISO_8859-2:1987 below         [RFC1521,Borenstein]
ISO-8859-3     see ISO_8859-3:1988 below         [RFC1521,Borenstein]
ISO-8859-4     see ISO_8859-4:1988 below         [RFC1521,Borenstein]
ISO-8859-5     see ISO_8859-5:1988 below         [RFC1521,Borenstein]
ISO-8859-6     see ISO_8859-6:1987 below         [RFC1521,Borenstein]
ISO-8859-7     see ISO_8859-7:1987 below         [RFC1521,Borenstein]
ISO-8859-8     see ISO_8859-8:1988 below         [RFC1521,Borenstein]
ISO-8859-9     see ISO_8859-9:1989 below         [RFC1521,Borenstein]

Access Types

Type           Description				    Reference
----           -----------				    ---------
FTP					         [RFC1521,Borenstein]
ANON-FTP	                                 [RFC1521,Borenstein]
TFTP		                                 [RFC1521,Borenstein]
AFS		                                 [RFC1521,Borenstein]
LOCAL-FILE	                                 [RFC1521,Borenstein]
MAIL-SERVER	                                 [RFC1521,Borenstein]
content-id                                                  [RFC1873]

Conversion Values

Conversion values or Content Transfer Encodings.

Type           Description				    Reference
----           -----------				    ---------
7BIT                                             [RFC1521,Borenstein]
8BIT                                             [RFC1521,Borenstein]
BASE64		 		                 [RFC1521,Borenstein]
BINARY                                           [RFC1521,Borenstein]
QUOTED-PRINTABLE                                 [RFC1521,Borenstein]


MIME to X.400 Table

    MIME content-type          X.400 Body Part             Reference
    -----------------          ------------------          ---------
      charset=us-ascii         ia5-text                     [RFC1494]
      charset=iso-8859-x       EBP - GeneralText            [RFC1494]
    text/richtext              no mapping defined           [RFC1494]
    application/oda            EBP - ODA                    [RFC1494]
    application/octet-stream   bilaterally-defined          [RFC1494]
    application/postscript     EBP - mime-postscript-body   [RFC1494]
    image/g3fax                g3-facsimile                 [RFC1494]
    image/jpeg                 EBP - mime-jpeg-body         [RFC1494]
    image/gif                  EBP - mime-gif-body          [RFC1494]
    audio/basic                no mapping defined           [RFC1494]
    video/mpeg                 no mapping defined           [RFC1494]

    Abbreviation: EBP - Extended Body Part

X.400 to MIME Table

                             Basic Body Parts

    X.400 Basic Body Part      MIME content-type           Reference
    ---------------------      --------------------        ---------
    ia5-text                   text/plain;charset=us-ascii [RFC1494]
    voice                      No Mapping Defined          [RFC1494]
    g3-facsimile               image/g3fax                 [RFC1494]
    g4-class1                  no mapping defined          [RFC1494]
    teletex                    no mapping defined          [RFC1494]
    videotex                   no mapping defined          [RFC1494]
    encrypted                  no mapping defined          [RFC1494]
    bilaterally-defined        application/octet-stream    [RFC1494]
    nationally-defined         no mapping defined          [RFC1494]
    externally-defined         See Extended Body Parts     [RFC1494]

    X.400 Extended Body Part  MIME content-type            Reference
    ------------------------- --------------------         ---------
    GeneralText               text/plain;charset=iso-8859-x[RFC1494] 
    ODA                       application/oda              [RFC1494]
    mime-postscript-body      application/postscript       [RFC1494]
    mime-jpeg-body            image/jpeg                   [RFC1494]
    mime-gif-body             image/gif                    [RFC1494]


[MacMime] Work in Progress.

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Media Types