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Protocol Numbers

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Protocol Numbers

Protocol Numbers


In the Internet Protocol (IP) [DDN], [RFC791] there is a field, called
Protocol, to identify the next level protocol.  This is an 8 bit

Assigned Internet Protocol Numbers

Decimal    Keyword     Protocol                         References
-------    -------     --------                         ----------
     0                 Reserved                              [JBP]
     1     ICMP        Internet Control Message       [RFC792,JBP]
     2     IGMP        Internet Group Management     [RFC1112,JBP]
     3     GGP         Gateway-to-Gateway              [RFC823,MB]
     4     IP          IP in IP (encapsulation)          [RFC1853]
     5     ST          Stream                 [RFC1190,IEN119,JWF]
     6     TCP         Transmission Control           [RFC793,JBP]
     7     UCL         UCL                                    [PK]
     8     EGP         Exterior Gateway Protocol     [RFC888,DLM1]
     9     IGP         any private interior gateway          [JBP]
    10     BBN-RCC-MON BBN RCC Monitoring                    [SGC]
    11     NVP-II      Network Voice Protocol         [RFC741,SC3]
    12     PUP         PUP                             [PUP,XEROX]
    13     ARGUS       ARGUS                                [RWS4]
    14     EMCON       EMCON                                 [BN7]
    15     XNET        Cross Net Debugger            [IEN158,JFH2]
    16     CHAOS       Chaos                                 [NC3]
    17     UDP         User Datagram                  [RFC768,JBP]
    18     MUX         Multiplexing                    [IEN90,JBP]
    19     DCN-MEAS    DCN Measurement Subsystems           [DLM1]
    20     HMP         Host Monitoring                [RFC869,RH6]
    21     PRM         Packet Radio Measurement              [ZSU]
    22     XNS-IDP     XEROX NS IDP               [ETHERNET,XEROX]
    23     TRUNK-1     Trunk-1                              [BWB6]
    24     TRUNK-2     Trunk-2                              [BWB6]
    25     LEAF-1      Leaf-1                               [BWB6]
    26     LEAF-2      Leaf-2                               [BWB6]
    27     RDP         Reliable Data Protocol         [RFC908,RH6]
    28     IRTP        Internet Reliable Transaction  [RFC938,TXM]
    29     ISO-TP4     ISO Transport Protocol Class 4 [RFC905,RC77]
    30     NETBLT      Bulk Data Transfer Protocol    [RFC969,DDC1]
    31     MFE-NSP     MFE Network Services Protocol  [MFENET,BCH2]
    32     MERIT-INP   MERIT Internodal Protocol             [HWB]
    33     SEP         Sequential Exchange Protocol        [JC120]
    34     3PC         Third Party Connect Protocol         [SAF3]
    35     IDPR        Inter-Domain Policy Routing Protocol [MXS1] 
    36     XTP         XTP                                   [GXC]
    37     DDP         Datagram Delivery Protocol            [WXC]
    38     IDPR-CMTP   IDPR Control Message Transport Proto [MXS1]
    39     TP++        TP++ Transport Protocol               [DXF]
    40     IL          IL Transport Protocol            [Presotto]
    41     IPv6        Ipv6                              [Deering]    
    42     SDRP        Source Demand Routing Protocol       [DXE1]
    43     IPv6-Route  Routing Header for IPv6           [Deering]
    44     IPv6-Frag   Fragment Header for IPv6          [Deering]
    45     IDRP        Inter-Domain Routing Protocol   [Sue Hares]
    46     RSVP        Reservation Protocol           [Bob Braden]
    47     GRE         General Routing Encapsulation     [Tony Li]
    48     MHRP        Mobile Host Routing Protocol[David Johnson]
    49     BNA         BNA                          [Gary Salamon]
    50     ESP         Encap Security Payload for IPv6   [RFC1827]
    51     AH          Authentication Header for IPv6    [RFC1826]
    52     I-NLSP      Integrated Net Layer Security  TUBA [GLENN]
    53     SWIPE       IP with Encryption                    [JI6]
    54     NARP        NBMA Address Resolution Protocol  [RFC1735]
    55     MOBILE      IP Mobility                       [Perkins]
    56     TLSP        Transport Layer Security Protocol   [Oberg]
                       using Kryptonet key management
    57     SKIP        SKIP                              [Markson]
    58     IPv6-ICMP   ICMP for IPv6                     [Deering]
    59     IPv6-NoNxt  No Next Header for IPv6           [Deering]
    60     IPv6-Opts   Destination Options for IPv6      [Deering]
    61                 any host internal protocol            [JBP]
    62     CFTP        CFTP                            [CFTP,HCF2]
    63                 any local network                     [JBP]
    64     SAT-EXPAK   SATNET and Backroom EXPAK             [SHB]
    65     KRYPTOLAN   Kryptolan                            [PXL1]
    66     RVD         MIT Remote Virtual Disk Protocol      [MBG]
    67     IPPC        Internet Pluribus Packet Core         [SHB]
    68                 any distributed file system           [JBP]
    69     SAT-MON     SATNET Monitoring                     [SHB]
    70     VISA        VISA Protocol                        [GXT1]
    71     IPCV        Internet Packet Core Utility          [SHB]
    72     CPNX        Computer Protocol Network Executive  [DXM2]
    73     CPHB        Computer Protocol Heart Beat         [DXM2]
    74     WSN         Wang Span Network                     [VXD]
    75     PVP         Packet Video Protocol                 [SC3]
    76     BR-SAT-MON  Backroom SATNET Monitoring            [SHB]
    77     SUN-ND      SUN ND PROTOCOL-Temporary             [WM3]
    78     WB-MON      WIDEBAND Monitoring                   [SHB]
    79     WB-EXPAK    WIDEBAND EXPAK                        [SHB]
    80     ISO-IP      ISO Internet Protocol                 [MTR]
    81     VMTP        VMTP                                 [DRC3]
    82     SECURE-VMTP SECURE-VMTP                          [DRC3]
    83     VINES       VINES                                 [BXH]
    84     TTP         TTP                                   [JXS]
    85     NSFNET-IGP  NSFNET-IGP                            [HWB]
    86     DGP         Dissimilar Gateway Protocol     [DGP,ML109]
    87     TCF         TCF                                  [GAL5]
    88     EIGRP       EIGRP                           [CISCO,GXS]
    89     OSPFIGP     OSPFIGP                      [RFC1583,JTM4]
    90     Sprite-RPC  Sprite RPC Protocol            [SPRITE,BXW] 
    91     LARP        Locus Address Resolution Protocol     [BXH]
    92     MTP         Multicast Transport Protocol          [SXA]
    93     AX.25       AX.25 Frames                         [BK29]         
    94     IPIP        IP-within-IP Encapsulation Protocol   [JI6]
    95     MICP        Mobile Internetworking Control Pro.   [JI6]
    96     SCC-SP      Semaphore Communications Sec. Pro.    [HXH]     
    97     ETHERIP     Ethernet-within-IP Encapsulation     [RXH1]
    98     ENCAP       Encapsulation Header         [RFC1241,RXB3]
    99                 any private encryption scheme         [JBP]
   100     GMTP        GMTP                                 [RXB5]
   101     IFMP        Ipsilon Flow Management Protocol   [Hinden]
   102     PNNI        PNNI over IP                       [Callon]
103-254                Unassigned                            [JBP]
    255                Reserved                              [JBP]


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[BCH2] Barry Howard  <Howard@NMFECC.LLNL.GOV>

[BK29] Brian Kantor  <brian@UCSD.EDU>

[BN7] <mystery contact> 

[BWB6] Barry Boehm  <boehm@ARPA.MIL>

[BXH] Brian Horn  <---none--->

[BXW] Bruce Willins <---none--->

[Callon] Ross Callon, <>, December 1995.

[Carpenter] Brian Carpenter, <>, January 1995.

[DDC1] David Clark  <ddc@LCS.MIT.EDU>

[DLM1] David Mills  <Mills@HUEY.UDEL.EDU>

[DRC3] Dave Cheriton  <cheriton@PESCADERO.STANFORD.EDU>

[Deering] Steve Deering, <>, March 1995.

[DXE1] Deborah Estrin  <>

[DXF] Dirk Fromhein  <>

[DXM2] David Mittnacht  <---none--->

[David Johnson] <mystery contact>

[GAL5] Guillermo A. Loyola  <LOYOLA@IBM.COM>

[GLENN]  K. Robert Glenn  <>

[GXC] Greg Chesson  <Greg@SGI.COM>

[GXS] Guenther Schreiner  <>

[GXT1] Gene Tsudik  <tsudik@USC.EDU>

[HCF2] Harry Forsdick  <Forsdick@BBN.COM>

[Hinden] Bob Hinden, <>, November 1995.

[HWB] Hans-Werner Braun  <HWB@MCR.UMICH.EDU>

[HXH] Howard Hart  <>

[IANA] Internet Assigned Numbers Authority, <>, June 1995.

[JBP]   Jon Postel <>

[Presotto] Dave Presotto  <>, July 1995.

[JC120] <mystery contact>

[JFH2] Jack Haverty <jhaverty@ORACLE.COM>

[JI6] John Ioannidis  <ji@CS.COLUMBIA.EDU>

[JTM4] John Moy  <jmoy@PROTEON.COM>


[JXS] Jim Stevens  <Stevens@ISI.EDU>

[KATZ]  Dave Katz <>

[Markson] Tom Markson, <>, September 1995.

[MB] Mike Brescia  <Brescia@CCV.BBN.COM>

[MBG] Michael Greenwald  <Greenwald@SCRC-STONY-BROOK.SYMBOLICS.COM>

[ML109] Mike Little  <little@MACOM4.ARPA>

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[MXS1] Martha Steenstrup  <MSteenst@BBN.COM>

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[Perkins] Charlie Perkins <> October 1994.

[PK] Peter Kirstein <Kirstein@NSS.CS.UCL.AC.UK>

[PXL1] Paul Liu  <---none--->

[RH6] Robert Hinden  <Hinden@ENG.SUN.COM>

[RTB3]  Bob Braden <>

[RC77] <mystery contact>

[RWS4] Robert W. Scheifler  <RWS@XX.LCS.MIT.EDU>

[RXB3] Robert Woodburn <>

[RXH1] Russ Housley  <>

[SAF3] Stuart A. Friedberg  <stuart@CS.WISC.EDU>

[SC3] Steve Casner  <

[SGC] Steve Chipman  <Chipman@F.BBN.COM>

[SHB] Steven Blumenthal  <BLUMENTHAL@VAX.BBN.COM>

[Sue Hares]  Sue Hares <>

[SXA] Susie Armstrong  <Armstrong.wbst128@XEROX.COM>

[SXD] Steve Deering  <deering@PARC.XEROX.COM>

[Tony Li] Tony Li  <>

[TXM] Trudy Miller  <Trudy@ACC.COM>

[VXD] Victor Dafoulas  <---none--->

[WM3] William Melohn  <Melohn@SUN.COM>

[WXC] Wesley Craig   <>

[ZSU] Zaw-Sing Su  <ZSu@TSCA.ISTC.SRI.>


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Protocol Numbers