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PRONET 80 Type Numbers

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PRONET 80 Type Numbers

PRONET 80 Type Numbers


Below is the current list of PRONET 80 Type Numbers.  Note: a protocol
that is on this list does not necessarily mean that there is any
implementation of it on ProNET.

Of these, protocols 1, 14, and 20 are the only ones that have ever
been seen in ARP packets.

For reference, the header is (one byte/line):

	destination hardware address
	source hardware address
	data link header version (2)
	data link header protocol number
	data link header reserved (0)
	data link header reserved (0)

Some protocols have been known to tuck stuff in the reserved fields.

Those who need a protocol number on ProNET-10/80 should contact
Avri Doria <>.

1	IP
2	IP with trailing headers
3	Address Resolution Protocol
4	Proteon HDLC
5	VAX Debugging Protocol (MIT)
10	Novell NetWare (IPX and pre-IPX) (old format,
        3 byte trailer)
11	Vianetix
12	PUP
13	Watstar protocol (University of Waterloo)
14	XNS
15	Diganostics
16	Echo protocol (link level)
17	Banyan Vines
20	DECnet (DEUNA Emulation)
21	Chaosnet
23	IEEE 802.2 or ISO 8802/2 Data Link
24	Reverse Address Resolution Protocol
29	TokenVIEW-10
31	AppleTalk LAP Data Packet
33	Cornell Boot Server Location Protocol
34	Novell NetWare IPX (new format, no trailer, 
        new XOR checksum)


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PRONET 80 Type Numbers