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URI Parameters

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URI Parameters

URI Parameters


Uniform Resource Locators (URL) Schemes

In the Uniform Resource Locators (URL) definition [RFC1738] there is a
field, called "scheme", to identify the type of resource and access

Scheme          Description                                 Reference
--------------- ------------------------------------------- ---------
   ftp                     File Transfer protocol            [RFC1738]
   http                    Hypertext Transfer Protocol       [RFC1738]
   gopher                  The Gopher protocol               [RFC1738]
   mailto                  Electronic mail address           [RFC1738]
   news                    USENET news                       [RFC1738]
   nntp                    USENET news using NNTP access     [RFC1738]
   telnet                  Reference to interactive sessions [RFC1738]
   wais                    Wide Area Information Servers     [RFC1738]
   file                    Host-specific file names          [RFC1738]
   prospero                Prospero Directory Service        [RFC1738]

Reserved URL Scheme Names:

   afs              Andrew File System global file names
   mid              Message identifiers for electronic mail
   cid              Content identifiers for MIME body parts
   nfs              Network File System (NFS) file names
   tn3270           Interactive 3270 emulation sessions
   mailserver       Access to data available from mail servers
   z39.50           Access to ANSI Z39.50 services


[RFC1738]  Berners-Lee, T., L. Masinter, and M. McCahill, "Uniform
Resource Locators (URL)", RFC 1738, CERN, Xerox Parc, and University
of Minnesota, December 1994.


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URI Parameters