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  1. A router MUST provide in-band network access, but (except as required by Section [8.2]) for security considerations this access SHOULD be disabled by default. Vendors MUST document the default state of any in-band access. This access SHOULD implement access controls, to prevent unauthorized access.


    In-band access primarily refers to access through the normal network protocols that may or may not affect the permanent operational state of the router. This includes, but is not limited to Telnet/RLOGIN console access and SNMP operations.

    This was a point of contention between the operational out of the box and secure out of The box contingents. Any automagic access to the router may introduce insecurities, but it may be more important for the customer to have a router that is accessible over the network as soon as it is plugged in. At least one vendor supplies routers without any external console access and depends on being able to access the router through the network to complete its configuration.

    It is the vendors call whether in-band access is enabled by default; but it is also the vendor's responsibility to make its customers aware of possible insecurities.

  2. A router MUST provide the ability to initiate an ICMP echo. The following options SHOULD be implemented:

    and the following additional options MAY be implemented:

  3. A router SHOULD provide the ability to initiate a traceroute. If traceroute is provided, then the 3rd party traceroute SHOULD be implemented.

Each of the above three facilities (if implemented) SHOULD have access restrictions placed on it to prevent its abuse by unauthorized persons.

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Connected: An Internet Encyclopedia Control - Troubleshooting Problems