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What's new This page tracks changes to Connected: An Internet Encyclopedia. Every time a new entry is made on this page, I'll change the color of the spinning "NEW!" logo on the encyclopedia's home page, so watch the logo and come here to keep informed of updates (or subscribe to

June 2001
Topical Core New pages covering Cryptography and Security
CD-ROM New CD-ROM available
March 2000
Surf Sites More than 100 new Surf Sites
February 1999
Programmed Instruction Course New section - Subnetting and CIDR, covering IP address structure and assignment.
Topical Core New pages in Topical Core covering ISDN BRI protocols - I.430, Q.921, Q.931.
Mailing List A Majordomo mailing list has been created for those who which to receive periodic announcements of what's happening at freesoft. Subscribe by sending a SUBSCRIBE message to
September 1998
Mirror Sites New page provides detailed instructions for setting up mirror sites
Recent RFCs New RFCs are automatically updated on within 24 hours of being posted on Full text search engine updates as well
Search Engine Search results are now cached, so if a time-consuming search is interrupted, the server will complete the search and cache the results. Repeating the search with an identical search phrase will retrieve the cached results without requiring a wait

Search engine no longer returns results for obsolete RFCs

Archives Archives (tar and zip files) were previously generated by scripts and stored on the webserver for downloading via HTTP or FTP. Archive files are now generated on the fly by the FTP server, and are no longer available via HTTP. This is done using wu-ftpd, which interprets a request for Course.tar (for example), to mean a tar archive of the directory Course, though the file Course.tar does not actually exist on the server.

The most visible consequences of this change are that archives reflect what is currently stored on the webserver; not what appeared there when the archive file was constructed. This means that if you download today, then again a week from now, the two files might be different.

Connected: An Internet Encyclopedia
What's new